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Parenting Child Number Four

Not that I'm not also parenting the rest, but Number Four has Muenke Syndrome and all of our spare time has been swallowed by doctor visits, tests, MRI's, CT Scans, multiple surgeries and -- of course -- an adorable baby boy who is the light of my life. More on Number Four at Liam

Cloud Advocacy

I really enjoy doing Cloud Advocacy work at Microsoft. I've been able to 'touch' so many different things, technologies, tools... it's wonderful for my wandering ADHD mind. Coming up on 5 years this summer, which is close to the longest I've ever stayed at one job. The record is CIO/COO for Clarity Services, where I led a team that built a consumer credit bureau from scratch.

Rust & Web Technologies

I lamented in maybe 2017 that the modern web was beyond my grasp. I doubled down learning Javascript and the Node.js ecosystem, and I'm proud to say I'm fairly capable now with basic web development in Next.Js, Svelte, React and more. I pulled that off! Now I'm doing fun work in Rust with Web Assembly. Another challenge -- Never Stop Learning!

That Florida Life

I still hate Florida, but nearly everybody I love is here. So I'm still here, I guess. It's too hot, too humid, and some of the people are downright scary. Oh yeah, and practically every animal here is interested in killing you.

Encore API

I'm powering my "Personal API" with encore. This has really opened up so many possibilites. I have micro-service style APIs for things like the blog, twitter, my email newsletter, a URL shortener and then some fun composite services that do things like auto-tweet new posts or send email notifications to subscribers of the blog for new articles. I'm just getting started, and I'm expecting that this will evolve rapidly into a really cool hub for all my digital world.

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