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Doing MC duty at GopherCon
Doing MC duty at GopherCon

Howdy! Thanks for stopping by. I'm Brian Ketelsen, and I've been doing technology things since acoustic modem couplers were a thing. I love Open Source and exploring different programming languages. Some highlights about me and my activities:

  • Army Veteran, Bradley Fighting Vehicle Gunner, Infantry, 1st Armored Division
  • Father of four with 19 years difference between oldest and youngest child
  • Co-founded GopherCon, the largest conference for Go developers
  • Co-authored Go In Action for Manning Publishing
  • Along with Erik St. Martin, I wrote Skynet and SkyDNS, which was eventually morphed into the DNS service discovery that powers Kubernetes.
  • Contributor to virtual kubelet and Krustlet

I've worked in a lot of interesting industries from Consumer Credit to Healthcare, in jobs ranging from DBA to Chief Information Officer. I'm currently loving life at Microsoft as a Cloud Developer Advocate.

I love to teach because I'm always learning new things. Cloud Advocacy also gives me the freedom to experiment with new and interesting things every day.

My most exciting moment in Open Source came when I got a letter of thanks from the JPL at NASA for a library I wrote. They used it on one of the Rover missions.

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