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Scratching Your Own Itches

I love to use Incus for development environments. But I noticed that the version of Incus on my Bluefin workstation was out of date so I invested 15 minutes to fix the problem.

How I Bluefin: Using the ultimate developer Linux

The Bluefin team recently announced the beta of Project Bluefin. I've spent a lot of time over the past year working on the DX - Developer Experience - version of Bluefin. In this article I'll highlight some of the decisions we made, some of the features we included, and show you how you can use Bluefin DX as your daily driver for an amazing development workstation.

Forecast: Cloudy

It is finally convenient to dump localhost development.

Byobu on WSL

Make your life easier with Byobu

Egg Bites

Quick Recipe for a home-made version of Starbucks Sous-vide Egg Bites


Run multiple goroutines and get errors from any of them.

Go 1.7 Released

Go 1.17 Release Highlights

Tasty Worms

Blessed be the tasty maker...